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EOVE was established in 2015 by Vincent Beuvry, founder and owner of ORKEO, to clearly segregate vet pharma product development activities (under ORKEO brand) from life cycle management particularly in terms of commercial development and project management. EOVET quickly recorded first orders from leading animal health companies looking for a CRO able to handle post registration activities on existing licensed products.


In 2017, Thierry Gozlan was contracted to design EOVET strategic plan: a clear value proposition was elaborated: EOVET will focus on defending or extending existing veterinary product pharmaceuticals licenses in Europe and in the US while servicing its clients not only as an expert CRO but as a business partner. Thierry became EOVET CEO taking direct commercial responsibility. Olivia Font joined the team as project manager.

In 2020, EOVET successfully obtained the first European claim extension for a dermatological product in Europe.

Since then, EOVET continues to add claim extensions to products and expanding the scope of its service, adding capabilities in sourcing API, identifying, and auditing CMO, or coordinating animal studies to help clients reshaping and relaunching "good old products" which were commercially attractive but not complying with the latest quality and regulatory requirements.

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