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EOVET is a veterinary CRO specialized in designing and implementing development strategies to defend and/or extend commercially available product licenses. Combining business acumen to technical and regulatory capabilities, EOVET will assist you unlocking your veterinary pharmaceutical products potential. Our experts manage product life cycles, assessing risks and expanding market opportunities.


API Sourcing

EOVET will look for alternative and reliable supplier for your veterinary pharmaceutical product API,  controlling not only its quality, documentation and manufacturing compliance, but also its cost competitiveness and supply chain level of service.

Claim Extension

Add new claim beyond the base indication of the initial product launch & characteristics, to aggregate value and expand the life of your existing products, thanks to EOVET clinical and regulatory expertise.

Alternative Manufacturing Site

When looking to secure, validate and document a manufacturing transfer, you can entrust EOVET to identify potential CMOs everywhere in the world, able to produce your product whichever its galenic form: oral, injectable, topical and more.

Geo Extension

Expand territory covered beyond the geography of the initial registration, to increase the return of the investment already made on your brand. Eovet is particularly knowledgeable in extending licenses in Europe and US (FDA).

Analytical Methods Update

Changes of regulations, geo-extensions or change of suppliers and/or manufacturing sites, may require an update of product dossier analytical part. At Eovet we have long and extensive expertise and the right analytical platform (EuGLP) to do it.

Regulatory Compliance

 EOVET helps you defining smart tactics when non regulated product could or should comply to new regulations, particularly in categories such as cosmetics, biocides or food supplements.


Unique economic model

Is EOVET the best option to expand your veterinary product lifespan ? Submit your project case and EOVET will provide a free analysis and prospective road map, defining key technical phases (gates) to be converted into financial milestones. You decide to entrust partially or totally the project to EOVET ? You won’t pay us in full, unless we complete the mission in full.

A network of expertise and capabilities

At EOVET, we have direct access to a team of regulatory, pre-clinical, clinical, and also manufacturing transfer experts, as well as to a Eu GLP analytical lab platform dedicated to animal health. 

Should client requirement extremely specific in terms of science or geography, we can look for and recommend external experts always guaranteeing the confidentiality of your data.

Animal health

project coordination

Coordinating tasks, ensuring timeline and budget, evaluating regularly probability of success and return on time and money invested, is a complex activity we do not pretend to execute better than our clients. Simply sometimes, internal project management resources are scarce : at EOVET, we are able to temporarily help you absorbing extraordinary working charges.

Flexibility, pragmatism and solution driven communication

At EOVET, we are committed to confidentiality and transparency. Regular and open communication with our clients, keeping them informed of any updates, whether positive or challenging, is necessary but not enough. We must also actively seek for solutions, offering one or more workable options to overcome any obstacle which may affect project timeline, probability of success or budget.


Our management team combines experience and expertise in the field of product development, project management and business development in the animal health space globally.


Dive into EOVET's journey, a tale of dedication in the realm of veterinary health. Discover our legacy and our continuous pursuit of excellence.


23-25 OCTOBER 
Timeline of past and future news


EOVET was born out of a desire to contribute to the veterinary industry, by optimizing valuable products that drive meaningful change.

Vincent Beuvry  Founder, President & CSO

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